Monday, April 6, 2015



   Back in January, we brought you early news from the CES show floor about Samsung’s new SUHD TV technology—the company’s own unique brand of quantum dot nanocrystals. This week in New York, the company officially launched its SUHD lineup for 2015, along with a handful of curved and flat standard UHD TVs.
   All four of the new SUHD models promise to deliver stunning color, unparalleled brightness, and the deepest blacks of any LCD panel thanks to their local dimming technology. Along with Samsung’s standard UHD TV lineup, the SUHD displays will also ship with the company’s new Tizen Operating System, which improves on the user interface of previous Smart TVs in terms of not only aesthetics and usability, but also speed and interoperability with Samsung smartphones. Thanks to Tizen, your TV and mobile devices will become extensions of one another, allowing you to share movies—and eventually music and photos—directly from the palm of your hand to the most gorgeous screen in the home.
   Here, in descending order, is the breakdown of the new SUHD displays in Samsung’s 2015 catalog:
   The JS9500 Curved SUHD TV consists at present of one model—the 65-inch UN65JS9500FXZA. In addition to its nanocrystal tech and full array local dimming LED backlight, it sports Samsung’s PurColor and Auto Depth Enhancer features, and comes complete with the company’s proprietary One Connect Box, which keeps cables and interconnects tidy and out of sight, and allows for easier future upgrades. There is some discrepancy in the pricing of the JS9500, though. Materials distributed to the press peg the price at $6499.99, whereas Samsung’s website notes a list price of $7999.99 and a sale price of $5999.99.
6520397_SUHD JS9500_004
   Not as much is known about the JS9100 Curved SUHD TV, except that it features Samsung’s Peak Illuminator Pro technology (for enhanced high dynamic range). There will also be one model in this series—a 78-incher—which is slated to sell for $9999.99 when it hits stores in May.
   The next tier down—the JS9000 Curved SUHD TV—is Samsung’s most populated SUHD series, with three different screen sizes available. All three are edge-lit with LEDs, but feature Precision Black to enhance black levels. All three are also available now, with the 48-inch model selling for $3499.99, the 55-incher selling for $3999.99, and the 65-inch model selling for $4999.99.
   If you’re into the idea of more lifelike, richer, vibrant colors and enhanced contrasts, but can’t abide the idea of buying a curved display, Samsung also unveiled its new JS8500 SUHD TV, a fully flat display that comes in two varieties: a 55-inch model for $2999.99 and a 65-inch model that sells for $3999.99. Both are shipping as we speak. A 48-inch model is expected to follow for $2499.99.
   In addition, Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup will also feature three UHD TVs of the non-SUHD variety.  TheJU7500 Series and JU7100 Series look to be pretty much identical, except for the fact that the former is a curved TV and the latter is flat. 40-inch models in both lines will sell for $1399.99, with 48-inch models selling for $1599.99, 55-inchers for $1999.99, and 65-inch models selling for $2999.99. The two series do split at the top end of the size range, though. The 78-inch curved JU7500 will sell for $5999.99, while the flat JU7100 tops out at 75 inches for $4999.99.
   Finally, the JU6700 Curved UHD TV will come in four models to be released sometime this spring, with the 40-inch model selling for a low $949.99, the 48-inch model selling for $1149.99, the 55-inch for $1499.99, and the 65-incher selling for $2699.99.
   “Combining breathtaking design with technology that provides dazzling color, stark contrasts and superb brightness, our radically new line of SUHD and UHD televisions set a new industry standard for the best picture quality available today,” said Dave Das, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics America. “In addition to featuring breakthrough display technology, our 2015 line is powered by our new Smart TV platform that not only brings consumers an intuitive user interface, but also makes it easy to share content between your Samsung mobile devices and 2015 Samsung televisions.”