Friday, September 11, 2015

Here are the Four Ultra HD TVs that Give you the Most Bang for your Dollar

   Everyone knows that buying a product isn’t just about price. This applies particularly to complex high performance electronics and with many of them, penny pinching in the short run only costs you more in the long run as your purchase fails on you and has to be replaced. Even if there’s a warranty in effect, you’ll at the very least lose a lot of time on nonsense.
   Thus, when it comes to 4K TVs, some of the highest performing consumer home electronics devices on sale today, thinking only of price is not something you’d want to do. There are numerous brands out there whose retail numbers seem attractive but disguise an extremely disappointing lack of connectivity or some serious flaws in what should be a beautiful, one of a kind ultra HD resolution experience.
   However, not all is lost and no, you don’t absolutely have to shatter your discretionary budget in order to get a genuinely great 4K UHD TV.
   In fact, as the following four models from different brands show, it’s possible to buy a UHD television that’s fully decked out with all the most important essentials while still spending well under $1500.
   Every one of these four TVs offers a full package of connectivity options, superb visual specs and even a few unique technologies that go beyond the conventional.

VIZIO M-Series 55” Class Ultra HD FullArray LED Smart TV: $999.99

VIZIO M-Series 55” Class Ultra HD Full‑Array LED™ Smart TV
VIZIO M-Series 55” Class Ultra HD Full‑Array LED™ Smart TV
   Vizio’s M-Series of 4K TVs are the company’s second advance in bringing 4K TVs with premium features to users at a rock bottom price, and Vizio has succeeded again with this television, in whichever of its several sizes you choose.
   Also including the same full connectivity options as the P-Series, the M-Series happens to offer more HDMI 2.0 ports. It also sports the same revolutionary full-array LED backlighting-at-a-budget-price and offers you the same quality of HD upscaling processor and overall 4K image rendering as it’s ever so slightly pricier P-Series cousin.
   The 55” model of the M-Series sells for an extraordinarily affordable $1000 but if you fork over just a couple hundred bucks more, you can get your hands on the 60 or 65 inch versions for a really nice living room filler of a TV.

Sony XBR55X850B 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV $1,598.00

Sony XBR55X850B 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV
Sony XBR55X850B 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV
   Sony is one of the leaders in the 4K TV market and its technologies are pioneering efforts that put this company’s TVs at the top of their class. Best of all, while the lower priced 4K TV models from Son don’t offer some of the more revolutionary HDR and enhanced color technologies of their top-shelf cousins, they still do offer an overall package that includes much of the best technologies in the most expensive Sony 4K TVs.
   Thus, with the XBR55X850B 55-Inch TV, you are still getting your hands on a wide array of superb visual rendering features, the best HD content upscaling engine in the entire industry and the full power of Triluminous Display technology (quantum dot nano-crystals but by a different name), which Sony included even in this affordable model. Given that the same technology is only now coming out in the very most expensive Samsung and LG 4K TVs, Triluminous Display is indeed an excellent piece of value in this very well priced $1,598 TV.
   Furthermore, like all 2015 Sony 4K TVs, the 55X850B offers excellent connectivity and content compatibility options, full HEVC, HDCP 2.2 and HMDI support and gives you access to the new Android TV smart TV interface that all new Sony models come with. On this front, the company really nailed down the quality and by letting Google handle their Smart TV platform, they offer some of the most intuitive search and app access functionality available today on any 4K TV.

Sharp LC-60UD27U 60-Inch Aquos 4K Ultra HD 2160p 120Hz Smart LED TV $1,499.99

Sharp LC-60UD27U 60-Inch Aquos 4K Ultra HD 2160p 120Hz Smart LED TV
Sharp LC-60UD27U 60-Inch Aquos 4K Ultra HD 2160p 120Hz Smart LED TV
   Sharp’s 4K TVs may not have the same fame or even some of the same highly revolutionary technologies of their rivals from Samsung, LG and even Sony but they do still offer some absolutely outstanding overall quality.
   Among the company’s models, the Aquos UD27U line is one of the best and despite featuring a truly superb array of visual and connectivity technologies, it sells for a surprisingly affordable price. The LC-60UD27U 60 Inch TV Aquos offers a particularly great value because not only does it feature a very nicely sized 60 inch screen, it also does this at a very nice price of just $1499.
   This particular model and the entire line it belongs to offer the obvious features of 4K ultra HD resolution, upscaling for normal HD content and great contrast. But on top of this, the Aquos TVs are also famous for their THX certification, an extra feature given out by THX itself to the TVs because they capture the video footage of studio movies in the way their directors “originally intended” them to be viewed. Thus, we’re talking about an excellent degree of realism and cinematic value in a TV for the home.
   The 60” inch Aquos is very affordable to start with but a moderate price increase of just $700 will let you get your hands on the even more impressive 70” inch model.

VIZIO P-Series 60” Class Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV: $1,299.99

VIZIO M-Series 55” Class Ultra HD Full‑Array LED™ Smart TV
VIZIO P-Series Ultra HD Full‑Array LED™ Smart TV
   This is the TV that broke the mold on heavy handed premium ultra HD television pricing and for that it deserves the honor spot on our list. While Vizio has now also added the even newer (2015) and cheaper 4K M-Series line of TVs to their product choices, the P-Series still offers everything you need in a UHD TV and gives you a genuinely high quality user experience despite having a price that is only marginally higher than that of crappy 4K TV models like some of those from Seiki.
   Featuring full connectivity options that include HDMI 2.0 ports, HDCP 2.2 compatibility, USB and full internet connectivity through its smart TV interface, the P-Series line of TVs gives you access to a menu of streaming UHD content that’s as good as anything offered by the best from Sony or LG.
   Furthermore, in addition to some superb visual specs and a surprisingly great HD to UHD content upscaling processor, the 60” P-Series –along with the rest of the line- also offers the genuinely unique, premium feature of full-array LED backlighting, instead of the more usual edge-lit LED array.