Sunday, July 5, 2015


   Absolutely one of the coolest things I saw at this year’s CES in Las Vegas was Sharp’s dual position TV stands, which allow you to position the feet of select 2015 models toward the center of the display if it’s positioned on a small credenza, or all the way at the left and right extremes if you have more space and want a more stable (and more visually striking, IMHO) setup. There was some question at the time as to exactly which models would support this dual configuration stand setup, but now we know that Sharp’s new UH30 and UE30 series UHD TVs will—but only on the 70- and 80-inch class displays.
   Still, even if you’re looking for something a little smaller, the UH30 and UE30 series have a lot going for them. Both series feature Android TV—the smart TV platform that is quickly overtaking proprietary platforms due to its slick interface, Google Cast capabilities, and wealth of gaming options. With Android TV, you can stream native apps like Google Play, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, PBS Kids and more, or cast apps like HBO Go, Pandora, ESPN, and others via screen mirroring.
   The UH30 and UE30 series displays also of course feature Sharp-exclusive technologies like AquoMotion 480 (UE30) and AquoMotion 960 (UH30) to reduce motion blur and create a more lifelike image. These numbers don’t represent actual refresh rates, mind you, but through different processing and image technologies, they do represent a sort of refresh-rate-equivalent. Both series also feature AquoDimming, which is Sharp’s term of its own local dimming feature—designed to ensure that the image is deep and richly contrasted, with good detail in dark areas of the screen.
   Both series also feature Revelation Upscaler technology designed to bring HD content up to near-4K quality, and support for all of the latest Ultra High Definition specs, including HEVC/h.265 and VP9 decoding, as well as HDCP 2.2 copy protection compatibility. Both also boast four HDMI inputs, along with WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity built in.
   There are, it should go without saying, some differences between the two series. UH30 displays benefit from Sharp’s SPECTROS Rich Color Display technology, which delivers a 21 percent wider color spectrum than traditional LED/LCD displays. SPECTROS is effectively being positioned as Sharp’s quantum dots equivalent, although the technology doesn’t work in quite the same way on a technical level. Still, the company promises “realistic landscapes, lush nature scenes and natural skin tones.” UH30 displays also come with a fancier touchpad remote, and what’s more, the 70-inch class UH30 (model LC-70UH30U) passed more than 400 picture quality tests required to earn THX’s 4K certification.
   All five models in the UH30 and UE30 series are available now from your local authorized Sharp dealer. Suggested retail pricing (and actual current pricing) for the UE30 models breaks down as follows:
  • 60″ (diagonal) Class LC-60UE30U: $2,099.99 MSRP. (Currently $1,699.99.)
  • 70″ (69.5″ diagonal) Class LC-70UE30U: $2,899.99 MSRP. (Currently $2,099.00.)
  • 80″ (diagonal) Class LC-80UE30U: $5,599.99 MSRP. (Currently $4,499.99.)
And for the step-up UH30 series:
  • 70″ (69.5″ diagonal) Class LC-70UH30U: $3,299.99 MSRP. (Currently $2,599.99.)
  • 80″ (diagonal) Class LC-80UH30U: $6,299.99 MSRP. (Currently $4,999.99.)