Saturday, July 25, 2015


These days, the last thing in the world I want to think about is going outside. Truth be told, it’s still too hot and humid to take Bruno for walkies at 9pm. But decent weather is just around the corner, and I’ll crawl out of my summer hiding place in a few months. It’s nice to know, though, that even if the Alabama heat is too much for this Wookiee, it’s not too much for Séura’s latest outdoor TV.
A few months back, we told you about the company’s new Ultra Bright line of outdoor televisions, which feature stunning panel brightness, dual anti-reflective LuminOptics screen coatings to keep the picture perfectly viewable even in direct sunlight, and a super-quiet Activ Airflow System designed to keep the sensitive electronics inside the displays from overheating, even in blistering 140°F heat. If there was any bone to be picked with the new Ultra Bright lineup, it’s that display sizes only ranged from 42 to 55 inches (with a 47-incher in between), which is a little on the small side when we’re talking about Ultra HD screens.
The company just announced this week the addition of one additional screen size: a whopping 65-incher that’s perfect for watching sports or just chilling out in or around the pool for a summer movie marathon. The new 65-inch Storm Ultra Bright delivers a stunning 630 nits of screen brightness and all of the other picture-enhancing and environment-thwarting technologies of its smaller brethren, including its UV coating and anti-reflective screen coating.
In addition to being able to beat the heat, the 65-inch Storm Ultra Bright is also designed to withstand winter temperatures down to a bone-chilling -30°F, and it features IP56 waterproofing thanks to its Triple Lock Seal, which also provides protection against moisture, ice, dust, bugs, and any other environmental elements that you wouldn’t want mucking up your TV.
“We’re incredibly excited to offer this new expansion to our Outdoor TV product line,” said Gretchen Gilbertson, CEO and Co-founder. “With the increase in popularity of outdoor living spaces, we wanted to make sure our customers were provided with the very best we have to offer, and in the television sizes they desire. With the incredible screen size, combined with the design and technology of the Séura Storm Ultra Bright product line, we have helped our customers have the ultimate outdoor experience.”
There’s no word yet on exact pricing for the new 65” Séura Storm Ultra Bright, but it is expected to begin shipping in September. For more information, visit