Monday, October 12, 2015

GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL Center Channel Speaker ‘First Look’

GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL Center Channel Speaker ‘First Look’ Highlights

If you are looking for the ultimate in center channel speaker, then your search is over. Consider the new flagship SuperCenter XXL Center Channel speaker from GoldenEar Technology. This amazing speaker continues the GoldenEar Technology legacy created by industry legend Sandy Gross. The SuperCenter XXL is a larger version of the GoldenEar SuperCenter XL Center Channel Speaker and uses the same signature High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeter that is a core technology of the GoldenEar Technology family of speakers. The SuperCenter XXL contains one folded ribbon tweeter, four 5.25” cast-basket mid/bass drivers, two 6.75” x 8” Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiators, and one 7” x 10” Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiator. With three Quadratic Planar Radiators, the SuperCenter XXL is capable of bass extension down to 33 Hz and can effortlessly anchor the center stage of your home theater.
GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL Center Channel Speaker
GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL Center Channel Speaker Highlights Summary
  • The SuperCenter XXL is a perfect match for a larger home theater utilizing any of the Triton Series Tower Speakers.
  • Bass extension is deep and is the lowest in the SuperCenter series of center channel speakers.
  • The SuperCenter XXL offers exceptional clarity and imaging.
  • Paired with the Triton One Towers, the SuperCenter XXL delivers an immersive soundstage for both movies and multi-channel music.
Introduction to the GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL Center Channel Speaker ‘First Look’
One of the perks about being a reviewer is the chance to audition some amazing gear. I am currently working on a review of the GoldenEar Triton One Tower Speaker System used in a Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D home theater using a Marantz AV-8802 processor. Both reviews will be coming in the near future, but I wanted to provide this first look at the GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL Center Channel speaker. Sandy Gross called me a couple of weeks before the Triton One Towers arrived, and said that he was including something special for me with the review system. The SuperCenter XXL is a brand new speaker and is the big brother to the SuperCenter XL. The SuperCenter XXL is the largest speaker in the SuperCenter series of speakers and it has the lowest bass extension in the lineup. Sandy explained that his new creation would be a wonderful match for the Triton One Towers and he asked if I would include it in the system review. I was delighted to be the first person to get a review sample of this amazing center channel.


  • Design: 2-1/2 way Ported (Passive Radiators)
  • Drivers: One – HVFR™ High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter; Four – 5.25? Cast-Basket Mid/Bass Drivers; Two – 6.75? x 8? Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiators; One – 7? x 10? Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiator
  • MFR: 33 Hz – 35 kHz
  • Efficiency: 91 dB
  • Dimensions: 5.75” H x 35” W x 11” D
  • Weight: 31 Pounds
  • MSRP: $1,249.99 USD
  • GoldenEar
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The SuperCenter XXL contains one High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeter, four 5.25” cast-basket mid/bass drivers, two 6.75” x 8” Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiators, and one 7” x 10” Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiator. The speaker itself shares the SuperCenter design aesthetic with rounded edges and glossy end-caps. The SuperCenter XXL is a substantial speaker yet its design doesn’t dominate the listening space. Installation is very simple and GoldenEar recommends placing the speaker above or below ear-level with the speaker angled toward the listening position using the adjustable feet that are included with the speaker.
The internal design of the SuperCenter XXL is impressive. There are three separate internal chambers inside the speaker. The first chamber contains two of the 5.25” drivers and the HVFR Tweeter which are coupled to the large 7” x 10” Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiator in the center of the speaker. The two smaller chambers on each side of the speaker contain a special 5.25” driver which is engineered for low frequency response up to 500 Hz. Each of those drivers is coupled to one of the smaller 6.75” x 8” Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiators. One of the biggest pluses that the larger cabinet and extra drivers deliver relative to the SuperCenter XL, is dramatically improved dynamics and impact, especially in the range below 500 Hz.
I expected the SuperCenter XXL to sound pretty amazing and I wasn’t disappointed.
GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL Center Channel Speaker
As we all know, the center channel speaker is crucial in helping to recreate the theater experience. So much of the critical dialog in movies comes from the center channel, that the viewing and listening experience hinges on how well we can hear that dialog in the movie. A great example of this is “The Grand Budapest Hotel” which tells the story of a famous hotel and the friendship between its concierge and Zero, the lobby boy. I loved the dialog between F. Murray Abraham and Jude Law in the dining room at the hotel. The SuperCenter XXL reproduced the actors’ dialog with exceptional clarity and easily revealed nuances and emotions in their voices. Instead of just watching the dialog from my sofa, the SuperCenter XXL put me at the table in their conversation. The echo of the cork popping from their champagne bottle reverberated through my listening room as the SuperCenter XXL blended beautifully with the Triton One Towers creating the illusion of being in the cavernous dining hall with them.
Music is also very central to the story of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and the experience starts right from the music playing on the Blu-ray title menu. I had to stop and think about the last time I even made note of the music on a title menu, and in this case it was so striking that I had to hesitate before playing the movie just to enjoy the experience. The SuperCenter XXL created a totally seamless soundstage across the entire front of my listening room. The music was gorgeous with intricately layered vocal harmonies and the bass vocals sounded especially rich. The music throughout the film sounded no less impressive and the SuperCenter XXL brought the gorgeous balalaika music to life with exquisite bass and vibrant strings that played harmoniously with the Triton Ones.
The biggest takeaway for me with the SuperCenter XXL was its ability to produce sound with such clarity that I forgot that I was listening to a speaker. While I have traditionally listened to my favorite shows like “The Big Bang Theory” in stereo, I found that listening in Dolby Surround with the SuperCenter XXL brought me closer to the characters than ever before since the dialog was focused so clearly in the center of the listening space.
If my initial impressions are any indication, GoldenEar Technology has yet another winner on their hands. The SuperCenter XXL is easily one of the best center channel speakers available today. If you are looking for new speakers or looking to upgrade your GoldenEar Technology speaker system, you should absolutely consider adding the SuperCenter XXL Center channel speaker to your home theater.