Friday, February 27, 2015


   From monochromatic to dramatic lighting to ultra modern, home theater styling for some, can be just as important as the actual specs of your products. The layout, design lighting and color schemes are all things to consider when compiling your home theater piece by piece. We found several different looks  recently that all give very different feels to your living space and home entertainment, but are all equally unique and invited.
   How do you feel about monochromatic decor? By selecting all tech components and decor in minimalistic shades such as grey, white and silver, this living space definitely feels very sleek and modern.  

   Matching all your home entertainment items to the color scheme in your living room might seem a bit extreme, but these pictures prove that it can be a stylish choice especially given the simple colors involved.

   What about a moody and dramatic lighting setup, perfect for movie watching? The overhead lights, the dark walls and the glossy floors and fixtures make the room feel like a classic movie theater, don’t you think?

   Lastly, for the ultimate in home theater styling, and for the ultimate budget, you can recreate your favorite movie within your decor. Here are a few examples: